Traversing the Eye

Written for the exhibition Hypnogogic Holiday, 2018

The hypnogogic state sits between wakefulness and sleep, marking the territory that must be traversed between the two. It represents a transitory moment, at times terrifying, at times sublime, which we drift through irresistibly, moving with the detachment of a ghost-train among the picture-postcards of places we’ve never been but vaguely recall, blurring into one landscape that is soon to be forgotten in the ocean of sleep.

It is in this moment of transition that the spectral reveals itself, a division weaving its pattern along the shifting shores of sleep. At the point where the fabric is being gradually eroded and worn away by the tide, we can trace out the fracture; the shoreline between thoughts and dreams. We cannot resist the gradual pull, as the moment reveals itself, but sit back on our vantage point moving forward and through. Not yet dreams, not yet immersed, but almost.

The eyes do not move, they stay static and transfixed, observing the scenes that unfold, emerging from beneath the eyelids, as if projected. These are images, but their illusion extends, surrounds, breathes, whirls, and envelops. We are reminded of leafing through bundles of postcards, the evocative arrangements designed to lure the mind into the state of ‘wish you were here’, lurid yet luxuriant moments that creep out and demand that you participate in their games of make believe, but always form the outside. These are the images of hypnogogia, warm, sandy, impossibly immediate and yet impossibly far away, we feel their lack, the shifting sand underfoot, the warm blue air teasing our paralysed bodies. It is the lack that draws us forward, demanding that we fill the void with ourselves, with our gaze.

Here are the totems or relics from this from this journey; waypoints that guide the spectre of transition. A trail of breadcrumbs stretches across an unknown landscape, slowly circling. It is outlining a crumbling veneer of the holiday that only exists in passing; a place between, where the distance is palpable.